Terms and Conditions of use


These terms and conditions of use (hereafter, “TCUs”) outline all the provisions applicable to the services offered on the website (hereafter, the “Website”).

The TCUs are accessible online on the Website. The customer confirms that he or she has read and accepted them. The use of services offered by NYPD Ireland and the signature of the contract implies the customer’s unreserved acceptance of, and adherence to, these TCUs as well as, where appropriate, existing contractual documents supplementing or amending the said TCUs.

Article 1: Definitions

Customer: natural or legal person having full legal capacity at the time of the purchase or the use of the Services offered by NYPD Ireland and/or natural person(s) using these same Services under the responsibility of the customer.

Contract: these TCUs as well as all the contractual documents supplementing and/or amending them (specific terms and conditions of sale, order form, etc).

Subscribed offer: refers to the assistance contract signed by the Client and NYPD Ireland that defines the field of intervention of the Support service.

Assistance service: refers to the Support service in accordance with the assistance offer signed by the Client and NYPD Ireland.

Services: refers individually or collectively to services such as support services, audits and advice.

Customer Services: all the services offering technical or commercial assistance or dealing with claims, provided by NYPD Ireland to its Customers.

Article 2: Purpose

The purpose of these TCUs is to define the terms and conditions of the supply of Services offered by NYPD Ireland to the Customer, notably in order to enable him or her to publish, present and sell his or her own products on the internet and to allow payment via the internet or another payment channel.

Article 3 : Limitations of Assistance services

NYPD Ireland will make all possible efforts to ensure a prompt and precise service. In the event that it is not able to deliver a product or deliver it in a reasonable time period a full refund will be offered, and NYPD Ireland will not accept any responsibility of any other losses or claims beyond the refund figure.

Article 4: Online sale

Article 4.1: Handling Orders

Confirming an order implies the acceptance of these TCUs. Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded by NYPD Ireland constitutes proof of all the transactions made with the Customer.

The Customer must check the completeness and conformity of the information provided to NYPD Ireland when placing the order, notably the invoice address. NYPD Ireland shall not be held responsible for any errors and resulting consequences.

Article 4.2: Payment

The Customer can pay for purchases by credit card, PayPal or any other means offered by NYPD Ireland.

Transfers must be made to the bank account whose details are displayed when the purchase is finalized. The Company’s bank account is located in the Republic of Ireland and all costs arising from the transfer are to be paid by the Customer.

If after ten (10) working days after the order is placed, a transfer of a sum equal to the total amount of the order has not been received, NYPD Ireland may cancel the whole transaction.

NYPD Ireland reserves the right to block a transaction for the time required to carry out anti-fraud checks.

Support Service will begin only after the service is paid for by the Customer.

Article 5: Cancellation

Cancellation of an order is possible, but may incur charges if a garment was specially made and/or the order was already shipped. Refunds for the ammount paid less the incurred charges will be made after the goods have been returned.

Article 6: Refund

If in the course of the refund, it turns out that the benefitting party is not subscribed to the Offer, the refund will be proposed by NYPD Ireland by crediting the Customer’s bank account or by wire transfer, addressed to the name used when placing the order.

Article 7: Resolution of disputes

The Parties will endeavor to resolve any dispute relating to the services of the Company covered by the TCUs amicably. In the event of persistent disagreement, the dispute will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Small Claims Courts.

Article 8: Personal information

This is covered in our Privacy Policy. In short we do not provide any of your information to any parties that are not directly involved in the provision of the service offered on this site.


Article 9: Cases of force majeure

NYPD Ireland undertakes in view of current technology to maintain in the best possible conditions the services offered on the Website. However, it will not be held responsible in the event of disruption to the Website attributable to a case of force majeure or which is caused by a third party or a Customer, as well as technical incidents.

NYPD Ireland therefore cannot be held liable in the event of failure in its contractual obligations due to circumstances which are unforeseeable, irresistible, and outside the parties’ control.

The Parties acknowledge and agree between them, without this list being exhaustive, that notably force majeure, or exceptional circumstances or the fault of a third party refer to damages originating in or caused by: natural catastrophes, fires, floods, lightning, electrical surcharges, strikes, electricity power cuts, failure of the telecommunications network, civil or foreign wars, riots or civil unrest, terrorist attacks, regulatory restrictions relating to the supply of telecommunications services, loss of connectivity and connection due to public and private operators on whom NYPD Ireland depends.

These cases of force majeure suspend the obligations of NYPD Ireland cited in the TCUs, for their whole duration. However, if a case of force majeure lasts for more than three (3) months, one or other of the Parties would be entitled to terminate their relationship, after sending a letter by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, informing the other Party of this decision.